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i wrote 'dark magic'... actually, it's the 100% fiber optics that makes the tv look new. i was curious why we're listening to customers? call the verizon center oh. boy. for customers with disabilities seems dumb... at 800-974-6006 tty/v (announcer) unlike cable, fios uses 100% fiber optics for the best picture quality, period. and you can get $150 back when you order today. >> this week on "inside washington," the massacre at fort hood. were there warning signs about the alleged shooter? >> the republican renaissance has begun. >> two big statewide winds for republicans and congressional that a -- congressional
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victories for democrats. as unemployment hits double digits, what are voters telling us? >> where are the jobs? >> kill the bill! >> and opposition tea party on capitol hill as the house of votes on health care reform. >> are they going to listen? oh, yeah out, they are going to listen. captioned by the national captioning institute >> a u.s. army psychiatrist trained to treat soldier suffering from stress, himself facing to plummet to eight boards and, on thursday opened fire on -- deployment to a war zone, on thursday opened fire on fellow soldiers. was the army aware that he was a danger to other soldiers?
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>> he apparently became very disgruntled in the mission in iraq and afghanistan and voiced that to a lot of his colleagues. >> at least six months ago, major nidal hasan came to the attention of law enforcement because of this posting about but is throwing themselves on grenades. his aunt told "the washington post" that he complained for years after 9/11 of being harassed for his muslim faith and he was reportedly upset about his upcoming deployment to iraq and the continued american military presence in iraq and afghanistan. evan, what more can we say about this story? >> i cringe that he is a muslim.
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it in flames all the fears. i think he is probably just a nut case. but with that label attached, it gets the right wing going. >> colby, is there danger of overreaction? >> not yet. the army has some explaining to do. this individual, based on what we know, has a record of being disgruntled. what did they do when they knew about it? to have a medical professional, a psychiatrist, going to a facility and kill people like that raises the questions of why the hell was he there. why did they keep them there with the record we are learning about right now? the army has a lot of explaining to do. >> nina? >> we will talk about this more in a minute, but psychiatric services in the military has been plagued with difficulties. they don't have enough people, and of well qualified people. the way they treat peoplet is
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problematic, because of the questions about confidentiality. this is just an extension of that. i am sure we will find that the people made mistakes. but nothing is perfect in this life and it really is tragic that he was a muslim. >> mark? >> i don't have answers to your questions, but it is a very great reminder -- grave reminder that for good, texas, home of 65,000 -- fort hood, texas, home of 60,000, families and soldiers, that all the sacrifice and burden is being born by this less than 1/2 of 1% of americans in uniform, of both these wars. the multiple tours of duty, some up to four ofive times going, does it contribute to the
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posttraumatic stress disorder, to the incredible pain and sacrifice that these people are making. >[unintelligible] no, i understand that. but it is a reminder to the rest of us that the war is sort of abstraction -- >> it is true that the suicide rates are going up, but it is still below the national average. the military still as lower rates of murder-suicide than the national average not to get too excited. >> hindsight is always difficult thing to operate under it on npr we reported on friday that this guy had given a lecture about what muslims might think and had transgressed almost over the line into being apparently a proselytizer and saying that you should cut off the head. it's so alarmed other muslims in
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his army that afterwards they were half joking saying, "i wonder if he will go postal and start shooting people." >> were there some danger signs out there that the army ignored or chose to ignore because of the shortage of people in this field? >> let us limit it to this individual, the danger signs in this individual. the things he said and what were -- where were those not investigated? or maybe we were -- maybe they were and we do not know what happened. it is important to limit this agree to those who were directly involved, not to generalize beyond that to anybody who is a muslim. >> the last guy you think would go postal would be an army physician. >> i am married to a doctor. there are crazy doctors, too. >> not the one you are married to.
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what do you make of the non- runoff election in afghanistan? abdullah abdullah drop out, believing for some reason that this would be as corrupt as the old one. what do you think of that? >> barack obama has a problem. >> that is an understatement. >> he has got an afghan government that is an unworthy partner in this adventure. he is part -- he has karzai, who is a clerk, corrupt, involved in that heroin business, and there is no indication that anything will happen to him. he has a week afghan government to work with. he now estimates the decision about what to do with what general mcchrystal has recommended. -- he now has to make a decision about what general mcchrystal has recommended. all signs are that it will be along the lines of mcchrystal lite, not t give him 40,000
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troops -- but >> it reminds me of 1972 in south viet nam or the president ran for reelection, only nobody ran against him so "choose the one, the only one at." [laughter] >> can you have confidence in karzai? >> it is diminishing on the part of the british. prime minister gordon brown made clear that those troops -- >> a single military officer -- sound familiar? >> an afghan they were treating -- there were certain tests that have to be bad and probably cannot be met -- by the met -- corruption, openness, -- probably cannot be met -- by the met -- corruption, openness. >> gordon brown said this weekend that they are not leaving. weekend that they are not leaving.
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>> it is very clear that the voters of this commonwealth have rejected economic policies coming out of the obama white house and the pelosi-reid congress. >> it would be helpful to people whose policies helped create the mess in the first is to not sit roadside critiquing how we were pulling the car out of the ditch and instead help us push. >> that is eric cantor and david axelrod. republicans won governor's races in virginia and new jersey despite the president's last minute campaigning. does the economy truck every other issue on the board? unemployment is at 10.2%. what are voters telling us, mark? >> they are telling us in 2009 but they told us in 2006 and
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2008 -- they wanted the ins out and outs in. there is a theory not only at washington, -- a disgust, --fury not only at washington, a disgust with washington and the way things are done, but companion hostility and intensity toward wall street. they do not see any change. they voted for change three times in a row and they have not seen the change, but the same old same old still operating here. i do not think there is any question that it is a warning signal for 2010. >> charles krauthammer who usually sits were used it says that it was a one-shot deal and that there were no obama coattails and that we are misreading the results of the 2008 election, and this is the fundamental cause of the debacle of 2009.
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>> i would point out to charles the there are 5 million american voters more in 2008 and 2004. 2 million more hispanic voters, 2 million more african-american voters, 800,000 more asian voters, the biggest increase statistically in the entire electorate being among the voters the ages of 18 to 24. they're not going away, charles. >> he is not even here -- >> let me just hold this up -- charles is not here, will be back next week, but he is on the cover of "national review." >> he looks like a french aristocrat. >> open but he has been the most important -- opinion important -- "he has been the most important opinion journalist for the past 25 years, but since jennifer 2009, his popularity and reach as it got up because
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he is a brilliant critic of president obama." >> mark, sitting in charles's please come is right about this. i need to begin your race, -- in the virginia race, 51% of about -- -- of -- -- of the vote -- those folks voted for john mccain. the obama voters did not turn out. it was a well-run republican campaign, a weak democratic candidate, and no turnout. >> was this a referendum on obama? >> they say no. the white house says that we had a good jockey and that worse is, the horses being jon corzine -- bad horses, the horses being a jon corzine and creigh deeds. it was also about state and local races. obama's popularity happens to be the same as it was before those
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races. they did not have particularly strong candidates. both of them went into the race is a very weak, and it nev -- and they did not gain much traction. >> since charles is not here, let me play his role. he does have a point. this idea that the country has moved left-of-center is rebutted by these results. independents -- it did not help the republican party. they are still not doing that well. but independents move from democrat to republican, which suggests that when the economy is bad, they do not put a great faith in government as the solution, but look for some other solution. is it right-of-center outcome. >> people are pretty angry, though. the majority of voters said
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obama did not enter it when they voted. >> they elected obama a year ago with the change we can believe in, expecting that the tone in washington would be better -- a majority felt that way. has that happened? you can blame republicans or whoever you want, but it has not happened. if the democrats do not get the health care bill down, they are signing a suicide pact for 2010. >> i agree with you there. but we cannot talk about tuesday without talking about the 23rd district in new york. it was a district that has been republican since the civil war and went democratic. you could point to republican fratricide -- all your to set up. >> republicans did himself in fighting over ideology. nevertheless, that seat when democratic and that is something that ththe democrats can point
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to. that ththe democrats can point to. >> jejohn garamendi kept
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america is strong and resilient. and we'll pull through these tough times, we always have. and the companies building the internet are leading this technology driven recovery. more than one hundred billion dollars in private investment over the last two years has spurred innovation, launching
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new online service and content and put more than three million americans to work. an economic success story. expanding and growing by building a smarter, faster, safer internet. broadband for america: it's working. >> there are signs that the economy has rovered, but the jobless rate continues to rise. we learned that it is up for 10% -- 10.2%, to be exact. ford motor co. did not take bailout money and they make profit, but none of which ease the minds of voters in virginia and new jersey. >> the economy remains the top issue for voters. as james carville said, it's the economy, stupid. the economy is going well on wall street. main street is where it is missing. that is where people are feeling pain.
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>> in 1993, republicans won virginia and new jersey, and after that, 73 republicans were elected to the house of representatives. if the jobless number does not improve, cld we see the same result in 2010? >> probably not. unlike 1994, republicans have -- unlike 1994, incumbents have learned something. it will not be caught flatfooted and it will raise money -- they will not be caught unawares and they will raise money. but ins are in trouble in 2010, and republicans are emboldened by what happened on tuesday. in reality, does it mean anything? it means something psychologically good republicans get a lift in terms of fund- raising, candidate recruitment, and somebody decides to run because it looks better -- >> i don't think it will swing
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one way or the other, but people cents -- because people said the basic truth, that the government does not have any tricks left about the economy. the deficit is at historic standards and polls show that people don't want the deficit to go. on the other hand, they will not raise -- excuse me, they will not cut taxes. the government is paralyzed and is as if they are just going to live with this. >> if you are a democrat from the traditionally republican district -- >> it gives you a lot of pause. you should be going to the place of your trade every day and prayed that the unemployment rate starts to come down -- place of your faith everyday and pray that the unemployment rate starts to come down. republicans are a an all-time low in their approval ratings. there was a fabulous campaign
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run in virginia that was rather a typical, and in new jersey, jon corzine was monumentally unpopular. but you have to have an alternative. people will go to the alternative even if they do not like the alternave. if the unemployed rate is still 10.2% a year from now, the democrats will have a big problem. >> but the unemployment rates lag. there is a good prospect that the unemployment rate will be there and there is nothing the government can do about it. >> what will it take to reenergize the young voters for president obama in to designate? >> -- in 2008? >> i suspect that the thing that will an adjustable but the oppones. the person who will run against obama. they still have to put somebody in w will be formidable. but the democrats' base, as evan -- democrats face, as evan
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said, a real serious problem. they do not have a lot of wiggle room. >> but you're talking about 2012 when you're talking about a presidential candidate. that is the problem with 2010, and no candidate. >> let me dissent. democrats have to do the following -- show people that they made a difference and address the problems -- health care. then the after all their attention and energy and effort to the economy. the deficit is not a voting issue. i am sorry. i have heard about it for 50 years. people are going to vote for jobs. democrats better be seen as caring and doing and accomplishing something on increasing jobs.
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>> this bill is the greatest threat to freedom i have seen in the 19 years i've been here in
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washington. taking away your freedom to choose your doctors. >> everything you need to know about the difference between the democratic bill on the republican bill is that the republicans do not need to know -- not end discrimination by health insurance companies against people with pre-existing conditions. >> we are expecting a vote on health care sometime this weekend. >> they will not bring it up if they do not have the vote, but they seem to think they do have a vote. one of the problems is this stupid abortion provision. if they have to, bill will get rid of it, but they have to keep the liberals on and appease the blue dogs. it is a moving-pieces proposition. they think they will get there but they are not there yet. >> on the abortion, the president is on record that is the status quo and it will be the hyde amendment language, and
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it is not right now about 30 democrats in the house said that they will not be with you until it is changed back. i think the bulk of votes. obviously -- i think they will get the goods. obviously, they will not bring it up for a vote and loose. that would be a fatal blow. but what about the senate? senate majority leader harry reid announced this week that they may not vote until january. i think it would be devastatingly damaging to the prospects of passing -- >> a second august in december. >> he is the weakest majority leader the democrats had. he is the one that we not -- he is the one that announced we would have a bill, and of the public option, and asked -- and he did all this without
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consultation. he is doing this with reelection prospects in my. you cannot have a weaker majority leader. >> they are seeing berthing pains. the white house cannot afford to lose this. >> in defense of harry reid, it was a decision made in january after senator joe lieberman had spoken at the republican convention and campaigned with the republican nominee and criticized the democratic nominee for president and came back to the democratic caucus, and instead of being stripped of his chairmanship, the white house insisted and senator harry reid along to give him back his seniority. >> last word. thanks. >> last word. thanks. see you next w
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